3 Best Restaurants in Brookfield (Everything else kinda sucks)

1) Fine ThaiI was pleasantly shocked when a Thai place moved into Brookfield, then blown away when it was the best Thai food I’d had east of California.  Everything is made to order with fresh ingredients, the Musamon and Panang Curries are my favorites.

2) Las Asadas:  Amazingly Brookfield has four Mexican restaurants and only one that has real deal carne asada served with cilantro and onion.  Like everything in Brookfield it closes by 9 so no late tacos but it still great.

3) Chicago Burgerwerks:  Homemade burgers, with amazing sauces like Chipotle Aoli, and Horseradish sauce make these burgers and Chicken sandwiches the best in Brookfield.


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Despite NBA’s best record Bulls still not Champioship Caliber

As a life long Bulls fan I want nothing more than to start planning Championship barbecues and postpone vacations until the playoffs will be over.  The hardworking, gritty, no nonsense, loveable Bulls are easy on the eyes and have most people in this city thinking Dynasty part 2.

Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the NBA, but that’s like being the best running back in football.  Yes, it’s nice to have, but NFL championship teams are led by quarterbacks and in basketball they are led by 25 to 30 p.p.g. scorers.   Even Magic Johnson, the greatest point guard of all time, didn’t lead his team in scoring – old man Kareem Abdul-Jabar did.  The only point-guard-led championship winning teams in the last 30 years were the Pistons of the late 80’s led by Isiah Thomas.

Derrick Rose is a better player than Thomas: he is bigger, a better scorer, and a tougher defender.  However, his support is nowhere near as strong. The league has changed – you can’t beat people into submission like those Piston’s teams did.  Even the ’05 Pistons got away with more physical play than is tolerated in today.

Derrick needs help, he’s said repeatedly he’s not going to recruit a star to come play beside him.  He’s got too much pride to ask for it, but a true scorer is what he needs.  In the playoffs, when points become harder to find than gold, it comes down to who has the best 2 or 3 guys on the court.  With Derrick being the only top 50 player on the team, against the NBA elite the Bulls are always outnumbered.


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