3 Best Restaurants in Brookfield (Everything else kinda sucks)

1) Fine ThaiI was pleasantly shocked when a Thai place moved into Brookfield, then blown away when it was the best Thai food I’d had east of California.  Everything is made to order with fresh ingredients, the Musamon and Panang Curries are my favorites.

2) Las Asadas:  Amazingly Brookfield has four Mexican restaurants and only one that has real deal carne asada served with cilantro and onion.  Like everything in Brookfield it closes by 9 so no late tacos but it still great.

3) Chicago Burgerwerks:  Homemade burgers, with amazing sauces like Chipotle Aoli, and Horseradish sauce make these burgers and Chicken sandwiches the best in Brookfield.



About thrashlvr

Former 5th string freshman quarterback, long time street football star. Allstar Little League second baseman and High School back-up frosh and soph teams. Short Lived Amatuer MSBL career 07-10 ended tragically being spiked by an idiot up 9 runs in the first inning, oh and we were 0-11 coming in. 3rd string point guard on Conference winning 7th and 8th grade basketball teams. Successful streetball run from 93-97. Occasional player of street hockey, and advocate for the 12oz. curl. Corner of Vernon and Jackson Street Football of Hamer. Breaker of over 20 windows playing baseball in places it shouldn't be played. Varsity letter in Tennis with 1-19 record. Terrible golfer, pool player, bowler, and card player but always willing.
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